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Carousel Media

Carousel Media is a performance-based marketing agency that helps businesses improve their online presence and drive conversions.


Web Design, Web Development



The Problem

Carousel Media, a performance-based marketing agency, required a website revamp to accurately reflect their brand identity and showcase their services to potential clients. Their previous website failed to convey their brand values and lacked a clear call-to-action that could drive conversions.

Visitors found it difficult to navigate through the site, leading to a poor user experience, and as a result, the website had low traffic and low conversion rates.

The Solution

To address these issues, our agency developed a website design and development plan that focused on improving the website's user experience and optimizing it for lead generation. Our team worked closely with Carousel Media to understand their brand values and service offerings and developed a design and functionality plan that met their requirements.

Our solution included a clean, modern, and professional design that reflected Carousel Media's brand identity, with a focus on usability and user experience. We used a color scheme that incorporated the colors of the Carousel Media logo to maintain consistency across all pages.

The services page provided an overview of Carousel Media's services, with detailed information about each offering, and the case studies page showcased their success stories, including statistics and testimonials from satisfied clients. We also incorporated calls-to-action throughout the website that encouraged visitors to engage with Carousel Media and convert into leads.

The Result


Bounce rate


Avg. Session Duration


Increase in Inquiries

The website redesign project for Carousel Media was completed within the timeframe of 3 weeks, and our team successfully met all the objectives of the project. The website design was professional and visually appealing, accurately reflecting the brand identity and values of Carousel Media. The user experience was greatly improved, with a user-friendly design and easy navigation, resulting in a lower bounce rate, increased time on page, and higher pages per session.

Our solution effectively showcased Carousel Media's services and offerings in a clear and concise manner, highlighting their unique selling points. The addition of calls-to-action throughout the website encouraged visitors to engage with Carousel Media, resulting in a significant increase in leads and inquiries. The website traffic also increased, with a higher number of unique visitors, page views, and session duration.

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